Intuitive Indicators: The Language of Your Intuition

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Have you ever felt less intuitive than someone else? Been there. Done that. I can’t tell you how many times I would get so frustrated with myself that I didn’t hear guides or see auras.

Here’s the deal. We’re all intuitive. It’s inherent. We come into the world with the ability to sense and perceive energy. Through conditioning and survival, this natural ability is often disconnected from, overridden or shut down.

With the evolution of the Chakredy® System, I’ve found that providing a framework and context to place intuitive impressions is one of the most effective ways to support others in strengthening their natural intuitive abilities. It helps people establish their own intuitive language.

Once you can articulate and place the impressions that you experience, these abilities are revived and can be strengthened into a killer skill set.

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Intuitive Indicators: The Language of Your Intuition 

The word intuition is often used in a very non-specific, vague way that implies it is elusive, sometimes trustworthy and only for the few to uncover and truly embody.

While we ALL are intuitive and have the ability to connect with our intuition, we oftentimes need to learn how to access it, how to establish a context for it and learn how to develop it into a refined SKILL. When we have a general structure and framework to place intuitive impressions, we can make sense of them. When our mind has the opportunity to make sense of something, it is less likely that we will override that information.

Not paying attention, not listening and ultimately overriding intuitive information, often comes from not knowing that the intuition is speaking in the first place. It is much easier to connect with intuitive impressions that are strong, loud and crystal clear.

For example, if you get super creeped out walking outside at night and everything in your body, tells you to go back inside or to walk the other way, you are more likely to pay attention.

However, when you experience a very subtle impression, such as a tingling sensation at the throat, right before you have a conversation with someone, where do you think that will lead? When intuitive impressions do not have a context, it’s much harder to know what is being spoken to you.

Over the years, this has evolved to be exactly what I teach, what I train other practitioners to do. I help them develop a context to place their intuitive impressions and to connect with their primary intuitive indicators and dominant discernment centers (aka chakras).

What is an intuitive indicator?
This is the way in which intuitive information comes through for you. Maybe it’s a clear vision, a stomach flip, a tingling sensation, a heart palpitation. There are thousands of ways, thousands of intuitive indicators that make up the unique language of your intuition.

What is a Primary Discernment Center?
It wasn’t that long ago that uncovered this incredible discovery. It was right in front of me all along but it took me years to see it and that is that every single energy center/chakra is intuitive. Every single chakra is discerning. Identifying which chakra is your primary discernment center, can support you in unpacking some of your primary intuitive indicators. When you connect with the intuitive indicators that speak most clearly to you, then it is much easier to begin establishing a context to place these impressions.

It has been from my experience, that we all need to develop our own context because intuition does not come through in the same way for every person. Developing your unique context is like creating your own intuitive dictionary. And how cool is that?

I encourage you to invite 3 intuitive impressions to make themselves clear this week. Notice how they come through when they come through and if they are connected with a specific area of your body. Write them down and record what it is that you connect with them.

If this gets you excited and you want to learn more, I’ve got an awesome Intuition Bootcamp that is an on-demand virtual course. You can check it out here!

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Have fun and remember, you and only you can access your deepest knowing!


Intuition Bootcamp Link
This is an on-demand virtual program to help you deepen into your intuitive abilities and establish a context to place intuitive impressions.

What Type of Intuitive Are You Quiz
Check out this quiz to learn which energy center is your dominant intuitive center!

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