Hypersensitivity is NOT The Goal

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Let's talk hypersensitivity.

Many people go through a phase of hypersensitivity when connecting with their intuitive gifts (I know I did) and it can serve a very important purpose.

Hypersensitivity invites you to examine your response to your own thoughts, emotions, energy and how you interact with others and your environment. It can highlight areas within your own body, system, and life to actively work with. 

When hypersensitivity dominates as an excuse to deny, avoid and dismiss parts of yourself, your relationships and your life, it can isolate, create severe dysfunction, and ultimately foster indifference.

Hypersensitivity does a good job masking itself as enlightened, spiritual and aligned. If you sit with it truthfully, you will see it for what it is. 

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Hypersensitivity is NOT the Goal

Today I’m talking to you about how hypersensitivity is NOT the goal and I repeat NOT the goal.

Chakredy® tends to be a bit unconventional and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a rebel and a maverick at heart. I want to encourage you to question what you come into contact with. Skepticism is healthy. It ignites discernment and ultimately can facilitate the deepening into what you already know to be true, aka your intuition.

When we set out on this inner journey and connect with our intuitive abilities, we can come into contact with an entire realm of energy. And it IS a realm. It can be like opening up the floodgates. So much can come through. It can bombard you and it can be quite overwhelming. I have been there and I definitely understand the energy behind stepping into this work and the realm of it all. Oftentimes, it can be so intense that it feels like an initiation.

To me, it makes sense that there would be a phase of hypersensitivity. The key word here is PHASE, a period of time where you would have a heightened reaction to things because you don’t quite know how to engage with them and manage your own energy yet with these newly discovered connections, abilities, and awareness. Therefore, it manifests as overwhelm to your energy and ultimately can affect your physical body.

The thing to watch out for with hypersensitivity is that it does NOT perpetuate toxic ways of being in the world, for yourself, others and this beautiful planet.

I perceive hypersensitivity to be an epidemic. I am not denying toxic relationships, toxic food, toxic thoughts, toxic practices or a toxic environment. I want you to question though, where it is that your behavior, your energy, and your actions might be toxic. Where is it that you may need to learn how to manage your energy differently? Chances are this can reflect a new inner reality that is highlighting the need for you to be grounded, meaning be present in your physical body, establish and maintain clear boundaries and learn how to discern your energy from other energy.

When we deepen into our intuitive abilities and expand our awareness, it creates resilience and restores health. It supports a healing process, that is complex and layered and oftentimes involves a period of heightened sensitivity to all people, things, and places. But please, PLEASE be mindful as you navigate the territory of hypersensitivity. Be mindful of where it is not only encouraged but praised. Be mindful of where it creates a status, an identity and an excuse to not have to deal with the patterns and dynamics that are part of life, which include the light AND the dark.

Hypersensitivity can feed into identifying as a victim and not having to take responsibility for the ways in which you are affected by the world and the ways in which you show up in the world. You and only you can respond to your inner world. So I invite you to show up and do the work. It is challenging and magical and deeply meaningful.

There is a perfectionism and purity model that can usually be identified as THE WAY, THE PATH, THE DIET, THE MODALITY, THE ONLY THING THAT WILL EVERY MAKE YOU HEALTHY AND HAPPY. It is something to approach with honesty, self-compassion, and awareness. And like all things, humor is helpful.

To sensitivity as a strength!

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