What Type of Intuitive Are You?

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Growing up I always sensed my intuition was strong. How to access it though, that was a mystery.

When I would run into people who could see auras or hear guides, I would write myself off as being less intuitive. I didn't know how to place what I sensed or articulate it to others. 

Then one day that changed.

I began to connect with the way I experienced intuitive impressions. It's easy to see now that part of the struggle to arrive at this clarity was to discover a process that I could share with others. 

It is SO much easier to access your intuition when you can identify the  place from which your intuition is speaking AND the ways in which it is speaking to you.

In today’s video, I share exciting connections I’ve made with identifying primary discernment centers and the intuitive indicators associate with each.

Check it out!

What Type of Intuitive Are You?


I am psyched to talk intuition with you and before we get started, make sure you have a pen and piece of paper close by. No seriously, grab it now!

When you think of intuition and what an intuitive is, what comes up for you? Go ahead and take a moment to pause, breathe and write out the 3 things that you associate with being intuitive.

Pause this video until you have those 3 things written down!

Here’s my take on intuition:
I perceive it to be a deep inner knowing and compass. It acts as a guide to help us navigate our inner and outer worlds with courage, honesty and authenticity. When we are open and willing to listen, intuition is a force that is always inviting us into deeper alignment with ourselves. It is the language of our personal truths and it can be really hard to hear at times. And I mean hard to hear because we can’t clearly identify what it’s saying AND hard to hear because what it’s saying is not what we actually WANT to hear.

There are 2 ways in which intuition can speak:
Loud and crystal clear
Subtle and quiet

Typically, it’s the subtle, more quiet ways that are hard to interpret.

Like all things in life, we have natural strengths and talents. It’s not different when it comes to intuition. Identifying the chakra or energy center that your natural intuitive strengths reside can be very helpful. I call this your dominant discernment center. This is the energy center that speaks the clearest. It can be a great place to begin or continue and most definitely the place to accelerate your intuitive journey.

In order to support you in this process, I’ve created a pretty awesome quiz that will help you identify your primary discernment center aka the highly sensitive and intuitive chakra to begin working with intentionally.

To find out which type of intuitive you are, complete my quiz here.

Be sure to share this quiz with all your friends because it’s cool but more importantly than that, it’s super insightful!
Here's the link to share: https://www.chakredy.com/intuitive-type-quiz-opt-in/

Let me know which type of intuitive you are and any other connections you have made, right here.


If this gets you excited and you want to learn more, I’ve got an awesome Intuition Bootcamp that is an on-demand virtual course. It will help you identify TONS of intuitive indicators associated with each of the 7 chakras. It is such an awesome crash course to help you dial into your intuitive abilities.

From my dominant discernment center to yours,

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