Hovering Doesn’t Help

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Today’s convo is focused on embodiment, taking up space in your physical body. If you’re not in your body, guess what? You’re not helping.

Before working with being IN your body and being grounded, it can be easier to connect with being ungrounded.

One of the most common ungrounded presentations is…….


You will want to know if you do this (chances are you do).

In this video you’ll learn what hovering is, why it matters and how to work with it.

Hovering Doesn’t Help


My personal practices in life and all of my professional practices come back to…….being grounded! Before you do ANYTHING, you must look at where your energy is.

And guess what?

If you’re not taking up space in your physical body. If your energy and awareness is not present in your physical body, you are not grounded.

So if we really simplify things, we can break it down into being grounded and not being ungrounded. We can break it down into having your awareness be present in your physical body and your awareness not being present in your physical body.

Grounding often is associated with being calm, or relaxed or a general sense of “down to earth.” While all of these can be expressions of a person who is grounded and inhabiting their physical body with their energy and presence, it’s not necessarily a direct translation. For example, movement can be a super effective way to ground. However, think of times where you have gone to a yoga class and walked out completely altered with your head in the clouds, not even aware of your body below.

Which leads us into this specific type and energetic presentation of an ungrounded state. There are many ungrounded states but today I’m speaking to HOVERING.

What is hovering?

Hovering happens when you are hanging out above your physical body. It can create a sensation of looking down at yourself. From the way I relate to it, your energy remains connected to your physical body but your awareness is most definitely in the clouds.

So why does this matter?

Well, for so many reasons. To truly be embodied, to truly be present, we must be in our physical bodies. This is where we manifest energy into form. This is where the magic happens.

When our energy remains outside of our body a lot can go down. For one, you become more susceptible to all sorts of crap, physically and energetically. For example, it’s easier to become drained, sick and overwhelmed when you are not present in your body.

Really, it all begins and comes back to grounding. And in the beginning, this can actually be the hardest step, which is why I want to shout how important it is on this intuitive journey.

In upcoming videos, I will speak more to how to actually ground but believe it or not I’ve found it to be helpful in a grounding practice to first learn how to identify when you are NOT grounded.

So next time you catch yourself hovering, I want you to take note of these two things:

What stands out about your internal and/or external environment?
Does something feel uncomfortable or even unsafe about the situation?
THEN! Next time you find yourself in a similar space, place or situation, can you practice noticing where your energy is before it uproots?

To bringing it down,

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