Being Triggered: How to Deal and How to Heal

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Today I am SO excited to speak to triggers!

Instead of fixating on what is triggering, I’ve found that one of the most empowering ways to work with triggers is to identify how you are responding to triggers in your own energy.

What does that entail? This video will take you through that exact process!

Get ready for some awesome practice around triggers!

Being Triggered: How to Deal and How to Heal 


We all get triggered and being triggered can manifest in many ways. It can show up as anger, rage, hostility, retraction, despair. Essentially, being triggered initiates a reaction in you to something. It is the charge that you experience in your body, most often in response to something external. For example, we’re typically triggered by situations, other people’s actions, other people’s words.

Triggers can easily create a cascade of toxicity, so rather than doing the inner work around why it is that you are being triggered in the first place, there is a tendency to remove the thing creating a trigger or to blame the person or circumstance that is creating that response in you.

A powerful way to approach working with triggers is to see them as highlighting aspects of your own energy that are calling for your awareness and attention.

Like all things energy and intuition, it’s helpful to have a structure and a context to place impressions. This way you are more able to make sense of what it is that you’re experiencing.

Getting triggered doesn’t just happen when you bump up against something negative. In fact, the deepest triggers tend to come from something that presents externally as positive that initiates some type of uncomfortable energetic response in you.

Go ahead and connect with an experience where you were clearly triggered. Take the time to go back to that moment and see if you can identify exactly where that energy landed for you in your body.

What emotion did you experience when you were triggered?
Where in your body did you experience this emotion?
Articulate to the best of your ability the way in which this emotion stayed with you or moved through you. Did it get suppressed? Did it rise? Did it move out through lashing out? Get specific
Once you can connect with where energy lands for you, it is much easier to notice where you are being triggered in your energy and then choose to manage how your energy responds as a result.

When we choose to take responsibility for our own energy, we choose to heal.

Hope you have fun!

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