3 Ways Your Throat Chakra is Intuitive

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It’s time to talk throat chakra intuition!

Have you ever considered that the throat chakra could be intuitive?

Well, let me say, it is.

Not only is the throat intuitive but it may just be one of the most sensitive centers of discernment.

Ready to explore 3 of the most common throat chakra indicators (aka ways in which your throat chakra is speaking to you)? Well then, you won’t want to miss this video!


3 Ways Your Throat Chakra is Intuitive


The throat chakra is not typically considered one of the more intuitive chakras. Interestingly enough though, I’ve realized over time just how sensitive and dialed in this energy center is.

I have some thoughts around why this is but rather than go down the rabbit hole of all the reasons why your throat is intuitive, I’d like to share some of the ways throat chakra intuition presents.

The 3 most common intuitive indicators of the throat chakra

#1 Throat chakra flares
This can be an inflammatory response at the throat, tonsils swelling, irritated gums, a sore throat. These little or big flares can point to something that is being stifled or is stuck in this energy center. So pay to attention to them!

#2 Voice fluctuations
The voice can fluctuate when your intuition is talking. It can suggest a variety of things. What it MEANS when your voice fluctuates is up to you to discover but know that it is most definitely a powerful intuitive indicator and can often arise when something initiates some type of fear response in you. 
Track this when it happens. Remember that this intuitive indicator invites you to uncover the unique way in which your intuition is communicating with you.

#3 Censoring
When we do not feel confident or safe, to stand fully in who we are and how we express ourselves, we oftentimes censor what we say. I invite you to look at where you censor yourself and with who. This could be dramatic censoring, where you speak like a completely different person OR it could be more subtle where you notice yourself removing certain words from your vocabulary. If you really sit with this, you may be surprised to notice where you censor yourself, it can show up around people you really like. Censoring invites you to be more honest with yourself and the energetic exchanges in your life.

To powerful connections being made!


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