Solar Plexus Sensitivity

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If you’ve been following the Chakredy® work for a while, this may be a term that you’ve heard me refer to over the years.

Solar plexus sensitivity is a real deal psychic skill. It is way overlooked as a critical point for intuitive development.

Many people who navigate life through the lens of the gut take on endless energy from others and their environment. It is a vulnerable place after all.

Just remember that the thing that is your most vulnerable point, is oftentimes your most intuitive.

It’s worth learning more about this energy center. Trust me. It has the potential to change your experience as a sensitive person.

Plus, I’m sharing my free workshop on solar plexus sensitivity that I did a while back!

Solar Plexus Sensitivity


Do you get caught up in intuitive comparison? Have you told yourself your intuition isn’t as clear or as good as someone else’s?

Be honest!

I have, big time.

I used to judge myself so hard for not seeing auras or hearing guides. I expected information to come through in ways it did for other people. I wanted it to follow an established formula. I wanted a clear vision and a clear voice…..

When I tapped into my solar plexus vortex, I realized I had to create that formula myself. Over many years of exploration and integration, insight revealed itself.

The solar plexus is an incredibly intuitive energy center. In fact, there is a specific type of intuition it embodies. I call it solar plexus sensitivity.

So-lar Plex-us Sen-si-tiv-ity
The ability to perceive intuitive information through the solar plexus. People who primarily experience energy from this place have a heightened ability to sense the energy of others and their environment.

With the great insights that the solar plexus can provide, it is also very vulnerable. If you would like to learn more about solar plexus sensitivity and how to support your third chakra check out my previously recorded workshop called Solar Plexus Sensitivity: How to Avoid Third Chakra Burnout.

Check out the workshop >>>> here

To that amazing light within,

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