Energetic Breakdown: Authenticity

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We all perceive energy differently.

Years ago, I realized that one of the ways I experience energy is through sensing how it moves through and around the body. I can visually and verbally articulate these energetic breakdowns through years of practice.

One of the invaluable gifts of the Chakredy® work is the vocabulary and context it provides for energy.

Today, I’m sharing the way that I perceive the energy of authenticity.

When you connect with the way you experience something in your own energy and physical body, it is much easier to call upon it and return to that space. So let’s get out of our heads and into our bodies to experience authenticity!

Ready to claim it?

I’ll show you how!

Energetic Breakdown: Authenticity


Today we are going to break it down, energetically. Specifically, I’ll be speaking to energy that I perceive to be associated with the solar plexus. One thing I’ve noticed over time is that it is much easier to return to a specific energy or really be in that energy and embody it fully when you can perceive it clearly.

Like all things, I can only share from the way that I perceive and experience this energy. And today, we are talking about AUTHENTICITY. How many times have you heard someone say just be YOU, or be authentic in your choices?

Ok, well, sometimes it can be challenging to know what is authentic to you, especially if there is a lot of clutter happening at the solar plexus chakra (we’ve already touched on solar plexus sensitivity and third chakra burnout which can factor in muddling solar plexus energy big time!).

So here is the way that I relate to the ENERGY of authenticity.

Authenticity is a magnified expression of self. It is the anchoring and radiating energy of the solar plexus, like compassion for the heart. Connection with self at the deepest level is the connection with the soul. Authenticity can be expressed internally and externally. It expands at the back and the front of the abdomen, in all directions.

See if you can connect with authenticity as a seed, an anchor of the soul in your physical body, right at the solar plexus. As this expression of self radiates out in all directions, it creates a container to be held in and also return to whenever in doubt about what is true for YOU.

I invite you to connect with the energy of authenticity and see where does it surface for you? What are some descriptors that you can associate with it? Get out a piece of paper and take notes on what you perceive. This is extremely helpful in learning how to articulate what it is you are experiencing intuitively.

To your core essence, your authentic self,

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