Dream Oracle. You Might Just Be One.

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Can you remember the last dream you had?

Whether that dream seemed mundane or profound, it contained something for you. To tap into whatever your dreams do contain, you must begin by paying attention.

We tend to write dreams off as just being dreams. When we do this, we are less likely to connect with their healing potential, messages, and meanings.

My dreams have provided me with everything from next steps in business to profound healing insight, to psychic warnings and visitations from passed loved ones. The dreamscape continues to be one of the most exciting and potent avenues of my intuition.

It may be this way for you too!

Like your intuition, nobody can tell you what your dreams mean for you. That is a context and language that you must develop for yourself. Today, I want to support you in this process.

Dream Oracle. You Might Just Be One. 

I’ve always known that I was a dreamer but I never understood the healing messages my dreams contained for others until I began working with dreams intentionally and sharing them with others. Simply acknowledging my dreams through journaling and speaking them out loud began to enhance my dreaming abilities. By honoring them they evolved.

Over many years I have cultivated these inherent abilities, formed my own dreamscape context and have had the opportunity to experience the medicine that dreams offer (for myself and for others).

Most of the incredible dreamers that I've connected with did not initially feel their dreaming abilities were anything special.

Well, think again!

Dreams are a form of intuitive information. It is important that we develop a context to place our intuitive impressions-that goes for dream impressions as well.

Simple ways that you can develop your dreaming abilities:

Keep a Dream Journal
Write your dreams down and reread them often.

Connect with a Dream Buddy
To cultivate and strengthen your dreaming abilities it is very helpful to have a dream buddy, someone that you can check in with and share the information and insight you gather from your dreams.

Establish Your Own Dream Context
Rather than looking at books or another person to tell you what your dreams mean, begin tracking how you feel when you wake up from a dream. Write down connections that come to you naturally about the dream.

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