Dandelion Flower Essence | 30 mL

Dandelion Flower Essence | 30 mL


  • Cultivates Sensitivity
  • Resilience
  • Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary


Wildcrafted Dandelion flower essence, spring water, brandy


5 drops 2-3 times per day or as directed by your practitioner


All Chakredy® Flower Essences are wildcrafted with reverence for the land and conscious connection with the plant. The healing messages and supportive aspects for each essence have come through as direct messages from the flowers themselves. 

Flower essences provide potent vibrational medicine. The healing frequencies of a flower are imprinted upon water through the process of solarization. Essentially, the sun structures the water with the essence and frequency of the flower. The essence infused water is then added to a base of alcohol (traditional methods use brandy) to preserve the structure and energetic integrity of the remedy.

Each flower communicates its healing gifts through countless expressions-its color, shape, where it grows, when it blooms, the environment it thrives in. Then of course, there are the direct messages from the flowers themselves. 

Messages from Dandelion:

Dandelion's main message is RESILIENCE. It has shown itself as an ally for sensitivity at the gut level, developing the ability to sense and to cultivate sensitivity into a strength. Dandelion rises up through cracks, it's found everywhere. It's persistent. Despite harsh conditions, it continues to grow, thrive and be nourished AND offer nourishment. The plant holds so many medicinal qualities. It shines and brightens with its yellow glow. Dandelion is adaptable, resilient and found everywhere. It is the extraordinary  and overlooked as ordinary.

This is a flower remedy to support your solar plexus sensitivity. The ability to transmute everything that has been internalized at the gut level into strength and resilience. Dandelion will continue to grow in challenging environments and will offer the same in its vibrational healing. 


  • Solar Plexus Intuition
  • Resiliency at the gut level
  • Access to inner strength
  • Individuality


  • Anxiety
  • Internalizing other people's pain
  • Feeling ordinary
  • Burnout and exhaustion